Analysing The Sustainability Of The London Olympics Environmental Sciences Essay

Analysing The Sustainability Of The London Olympics Environmental Sciences Essay

The theme and center of the Olympics and the Paralympic Game titles 2012 is certainly sustainability. The sustainable approach will result in long lasting environmental, social and economic rewards through regeneration and legacy (Pointer and Mercury, 2009). The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 was launched on 23 January 2007 to individually assure ‘London’s 2012’ pledge to web host the sustainable Video games.


The reason for London to host the 2012 Olympic Game titles was the sustainable facet of the Games and the site. The London Olympic Video games are set to create history on carbon decrease issues and may be the to begin its kind concerning the infrastructure and worldwide publicity of Game titles. The location of the 2012 Video games will be the two hundred and forty-six hectare Olympic Recreation area in east London and the western advantage of the Thames Gateway. East London is the most diverse & most deprived community in the UK, the idea behind the project was to regenerate the whole city. To clean and apparent the Olympic Park, sustainable techniques were utilised to recycle and reuse ninety percent of the demolition materials and eighty percent of soil on web page. The federal government is putting their finest effort to accomplish short and long-term goals. A good progress is being made in the region of sustainable design and construction to achieve energy proficiency. The Olympics committee own planned to minimise the environmental impact and have set a zero carbon insurance plan for 2012.

The organisations accountable for London 2012 Games will be the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Video games and Paralympic Game titles (LOCOG) to approach and stage the Games and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) to build the venues and infrastructure for the Games. The London 2012 Olympic offers opportunities for London to improve infrastructure becoming environmentally sustainable. The London 2012 organising committee has developed a policy to set out the idea of sustainability, One Planet Living and has a plan to achieve these goals. The committee needs United Kingdom TO Get the world’s top rated sporting nation, MAKE the Olympic Park helpful information to sustainable living, TRANSFORM east London to a much better place, INSPIRE young people to take part in social and cultural activities, DEMONSTRATE what is a fathom the country is a welcoming spot to all.

In 2006, few building commitments were developed for the Olympics 2012. The committee wanted a built-in project workforce that works together to attain the best possible outcomes and which includes designers, builders, architects, environmental analysts and sustainability programmers to attain designs that are impressive, creative and capable of meeting necessary targets, using modern methods of construction, with the topic of sustainability and making sure health and safety standards top essay writing services. The Olympics 2012 method involves three key phases we.e. the preparation, celebration staging and establishing an ever lasting heritage. The 2012 games preparation involves design and style and building of the Olympic Park and infrastructure, keeping sustainability the motif of the job, to create an affect on the construction approaches for the united states as sustainability is a comparatively new concept. The 2012 game titles must secure a legacy for the Olympic Recreation area area and the united kingdom to be a platform for sustainable regeneration program. The important factor for the look and construction is the sourcing of materials, waste products management, construction impacts and benefits, employment and bio-diversity affects.

Reducing Carbon footprint of Olympics

I Energy

The main key to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is the provision of renewable strength with high level of effectiveness, the authorities want to create clean strength wastes and sewage. The Olympic committee and the London production authority are setting a fresh energy restoration plant that uses waste to generate renewable energy, to lessen carbon dioxide emissions. The primary concern for the video games is the carbon footprint of permanent venues and the embodied energy of the structures for non permanent venues.

II Waste

One of the problems is to eliminate and handle waste materials and try to reuse, recycle or compost it, it has been ensured that no waste materials arising during Olympics will be directly send out to landfill. The recycled material will be utilized for food packaging devices in order to avoid contamination.

Source: London 2012 sustainability plan

III Water resource management

The sustainability issue for the games includes provision of tidy normal water, recycling grey drinking water, managing flood dangers. This will be performed by imposing water saving technologies, reducing demand of drinking water and designing efficient landscape for the city.

IV Air Quality

Good air quality is a priority consideration for the game titles to ensure the best conditions for world athletes to contend in, the pollution will end up being reduced to a minimum during the games.

V Biodiversity

Biodiversity conservation is usually a part of the development of many 2012 venues, guaranteeing no significant adverse effect on habitats or species.

VI Materials

Selection of products is a main part of the sustainable sourcing, the reason and work with is identified, keeping in mind the local source of the material, cost and affordability, its pay back time, environmental and social impacts and the scope to reuse or recycle.

VII Transport

The London 2012s sustainable transport schemes encourage people to travel to London venues by the sustainable settings – public transport, taking walks or cycling and usage of rail over air transfer to minimise the carbon emissions and impacts on air quality generated by the transport.


The vision for the food during games is to provide diverse and high quality British food and drinks at affordable prices that may leave a strong, sustainable legacy for UK by nurturing professional partnerships.

VIII Health insurance and Safety

London 2012 is focused on promote healthful living among the workforce by provision of healthier food in the site canteens, auditing caterers on the recreation area by Environmental Health Office buildings (EHOs), not allowing alcohol on the websites and delivering health insurance and safety educational programme for children residing close to the site.

IX Equality and Diversity

The London Olympics 2012 will raise job prospects in London by 70,000 by 2012 (job volunteer London 2012), the community believes in equality among guys, ladies, races and disabled people.

The London Olympics 2012 have set five priority styles for sustainability. For modification in climate problems, their aim is to minimise carbon footprint of Game titles and the development all together, which will be achieved by minimising embodied energy impacts, optimising energy efficiency and use of renewable energy solutions. The Olympics are trying to develop a waste management infrastructure – reuse, lessen, recycle, compost and use waste products to produce energy. The region hosting Olympics will come to be produced by physical, social and economical regeneration and by improving ecology of the venues to conserve nature. The Games and the legacy will encourage a healthy life style for British and make them alert to the sustainability factors (London 2012 sustainability strategy).

The Olympics will provide a platform to solutions for developing infrastructure, energy and water resource control, transport, local food creation, carbon mitigation and adaptation.

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